My voice is precious to me! It is 1 of 1 🥰 ~ I am decentralizing access, decision making and revenue made from my digital likeness, Holly+. This auction house is for approved works made with my digital twin 👭 ~ Profits made from the commercial usage of my digital likeness will be ingested by the Holly+ DAO, who will vote on what works to approve, and how to spend the funds to make new tools.♾️

Season One

David Schaefer: Orientation - Okay Embrace
DVN: Holly+ Slaughters
frasquito lomos: el sur es una cosa rara
Jonathan Higgins: South on North
kcin: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost
Luke Nickel & Zubin Kanga: Hidden Vortices
lunchcutts: harmonic manor
Martin Stilwell: Bathed in light
Minh Do: Applauding into the Glory
Nathaniel Stern: Holly Beat
Oli P: Just in time
puremood: Nitelite
Scott Burton: The Mainest Thing
The Shrander: Nightjars Interludes
Tiago Cruz: 1 samp

Holly+ Genesis